Oman adds “sweetened drinks” to the “sin-tax” list


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18 June 2020

MUSCAT (WAF): The Omani Cabinet approved introducing a 50% excise on “sweetened drinks”, with the tax coming into effect from October 2020.

The decision includes drinks that “contain sugar or any of its derivatives or any of the other localities,” as stated in the definition issued by the Omani Tax Authority today.

The definition also includes any concentrates, powders or gel that can be used into sweetened drinks. The Tax Authority stated that sugar definition covers Sucrose, Glucose, Lactose, Galactose, Fructose, coconut sugar and sugar cane.

The decision includes juices, sports drinks, malt syrup, powders, flavoured artificial concentrates used in the preparation of beverages, fruit juices and nectars, coffee and tea drinks prepared and canned, and fruit syrup.

The decision does not include 100% natural fruit juices, milk and milk beverages and dairy products, nutritional supplements and drinks intended for nutritional and medical uses.

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