Duqm invites investments to mining projects worth $300 million


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9 August 2020

MUSCAT (WAF): Duqm Quarries, the state majority-owned company, is offering five investment opportunities in mining-added-value projects worth 122.3 million Omani Rials ($318 million).

The projects, listed by Duqm Quarries in the new edition of the quarterly magazine by the Special Economic Zone Authority of Duqm (SEZAD), include a Soda Ash production plant with an estimated capital of $145.6 million and a production capacity of 900 tonnes per day (tpd), a Float Glass manufacturing plant with a daily production of 600tpd for $130 million, a $20.8 million Clinker plant with a production capacity of 1500tpd, a quick Lime production plant with a daily capacity of 600 tonnes and estimated capital of $14.3 million, and a ground Calcium Carbonate plant for $7.3 million with a capacity of 150tpd.

Based on the published estimates, the five projects require at least 29,000 MMBtu of gas per day and forecasts double-digit Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for each of the planned projects ranging between 26% and 48%.

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