OIA informs SOEs to stop employing government retirees


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19 August 2020

MUSCAT (WAF)- Oman Investment Authority (OIA) has informed all State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) under its umbrella to stop employing government retirees, a decision issued by Abdulsalam al-Murshidi the EP of OIA said.

A copy of the decision, seen by WAF News, is basing the step on orders by the Council of Ministers.

The orders also refer all those over the age of 60 in SOEs to retirement. SOEs might “within the narrowest limits and with the approval of (OIA)” grant extensions to individual employees.

The decision received by SOEs bans the practice of employing government retirees who used to rejoin the workforce -in a contractual manner- and enjoy most of the benefits of full-employment by the government while receiving pension salaries.

OIA said that employing these retirees can only be allowed “within the narrowest limits” and after getting the approval from the Authority.

During the retiree’s employment at an SOE, his/her pension salary will be suspended until the end of their employment, the decision said.

The decision also stipulated coordination with the pension funds to avoid paying pension salaries from the government’s pension funds and the end of service gratuity from the Public Authority for Social Insurance, Oman’s retirement fund for SOEs, private sector, and the self-employed.