Omani government answers social media anger with 25,000 jobs

Oct. 4th, 2017

Muscat (WAF)-The Omani Council of Ministers will provide twenty-five thousand job seekers as a first stage in the public and private institutions starting in December, said a statement by the council posted on Oman News Agency today.

The statement said that the Council has approved today “the executive steps that will be implemented in conjunction with this aspect (25,000 jobs) to create the appropriate conditions that will enable the government to continue to absorb more job seekers according to plans and programs aimed at achieving this (goal)”.

“The Council of Ministers commends the understanding of all citizens of the current challenges and calls on all private institutions to take the initiative and assume their national responsibilities in the field of employment and provide an attractive working environment for Omanis and give Omanisation and priority in their programs and projects”, the council said in the statement. Adding that there are measures to be taken against those who “do not cooperate with the Government’s efforts to support employment and employment policies”.

The total number of registered job seekers in Oman is 43,775 according to the official statistics by the Public Authority of Manpower Register in August 2017. While several hashtags have been trending on social media for the last two weeks demanding jobs for Omani job seekers and calling upon the government to hire more.

in the past, the Council of Ministers answered social media campaigns protesting the increase of fuel prices by placing a cap on M91 fuel at 186bz/litre fuel prices in February. And in June 2014, a public criticism of government policy to scrap price controls for most goods, caused HM Sultan Qaboos Bin Said to put it on halt until other laws to protect consumers are in place.