Oman to encourage investments in customs’ warehouses


Muscat (WAF): Oman Customs will start inviting individuals and companies to invest in warehouses, and license them to own and lease storage units. The registration will commence on the 19th of February 2018, Colonel Khalifa bin Ali al-Siyabi, Director-General of Oman Customs told #WAF exclusively.
“We will start registering warehouses investors and grant them licenses to lease these units. They don’t have to carry out activities related to import and export or to be the owner of the stored goods to receive this license”, al-Siyabi said.
He added that the investor will have different options regarding the location of these warehouses. These locations include the 95sq km city of Khazaen, free zones, and industrial estates. Al-Siyabi said that these units can include storage facilities, coldstores, or storage yards for cars and other types of equipment.
As part of its 2016-2020 vision, Oman Customs has been focusing on “serving the commercial community” and plying a bigger role in Oman’s economy. In January 2017, Oman Customs started licensing Authorized Economic Operators (AEOs). And by the end of last month, the number of AEOs reached10 licensed companies.