Iran nuclear deal: Confrontation is not in interest of any party, says Oman


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9 May, 2018

Muscat (WAF): Delivering his election campaign promise, Trump withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal. And Oman, the facilitator many of the meetings led to the deal, is yet committed to regional stability.

“The Sultanate of Oman, which has friendly and cooperative relations with the United States of America and the Islamic Republic of Iran, will continue to follow these developments and make the possible efforts available to maintain security and stability in the region”, the statement said today.

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The US decision came as a heavy blow for its European allies, who warned that it might raise the prospect of war.

In a statement by Oman’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Sultanate said that the option of confrontation is “not in the interest of any party”.

The brief statement that was issued on Wednesday, a day after Trump’s decision, said that Washington and Tehran are both involved in achieving peace and stability in the region, while assuring Oman’s friendly relationship with both the United States and Iran.

By: Hassan Shaban

Editing: Fatma al-Arimi