$50mn to develop Oman’s first aggregate terminal in Sohar

ميناء صحار

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27 May 2018

Muscat (WAF): The first Omani aggregate terminal will be co-operated by Oman-based Marafi and private investors from Qatar with over 50 million dollars in investment, a source close to the deal told WAF.

“The partners will utilise terminal 25 at Sohar Port, with a total area of 200,000sqm”, the source said. He added that a subsidiary of the Omani partner was established under the name “Marafi Sohar” to look after the operation.

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The source said that the terminal will be developed in 20 months, but “a temporary alternative terminal at Sohar Port will be operational within few months. WAF was not able to obtain official comments from ASYAD’s subsidiary responsible for managing and operating marine ports (Marafi) or Sohar Port immediately.

“The investment will be somewhere between 20-25 million Omani Rials ($52-64mn)”, the source added.

Photo source: Sohar Port corporate video