Oman to have market-based representative in Russia


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25 July 2018

Muscat (WAF): The Omani Ministry of Tourism is looking to appoint a market-based representative to help promoting Oman as a destination for the Russian market, Oman Tender Board stated on its website.

The scope of work of the floated tender includes studying and assessing the past, current and future travellers’ data and trends, identifying the best periods for the travellers to book their holidays during the year, selecting cities and regions to promote Oman, investigating the economic, social, cultural aspects of Russia, and challenges of the targeted market and suggest solutions to overcome the challenges

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The selected representative will also “conduct researches on the interests of the Russian tourists’ segments and suggest the most appropriate programs, trips and marketing packages that are appropriate for each category. (As well as) suggest/Recommend which trade/consumer/MICE/Cruise shows/exhibitions for Oman to participate (in), suggest the most appropriate promotional programs to promote Oman, study and identify the most popular media in the market, prepare studies on the methods that the travellers in the market are using when booking for their holidays”, the tender’s description included.