MoCI orders a “precautionary” withdrawal and refill of fuel-95 after quality complaints in two governorates


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7 September 2018

Muscat (WAF)- Petrol stations located in al-Batinah North and Buraimi will face fluctuating availability of fuel-95 over the coming days, Oman’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry said today in a statement.

“As a precautionary measure, (the ministry) has directed to withdraw the (current) quantities of fuel 95 from these stations, and the coordination with the (fuel) marketing companies and ORPIC to refuel these stations with new quantities of fuel”, MoCI said in the statement posted on its Twitter account today.

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The statement pointed out that the process will result in the impact on the supply and availability of this type of fuel in the stations located in the two governorates close to the western boarders of Oman with the neighbouring United Arab Emirates. And called consumers to go to alternative stations.

The ministry said that fuel 91 and diesel will be available as normal.

During the last week, several complaints, on social media platforms, questioned the quality of fuel in these two governorates.

On Monday, September 3rd , the ministry issued a statement as a response to “complaints of some consumers about the quality of fuel” in a number of stations located in these two governorates.

In the first statement, MoCI said “the petroleum derivatives produced and available to the local market conform to the specifications and standards adopted in the Sultanate.”