MoCI refers dozens of complaints to Public Prosecution after Fuel-95 crisis


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18 September 2018

Muscat (WAF)- Oman’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) has referred around 86 complaints against state-owned ORPIC and three fuel marketing companies to the Public Prosecution (PP) after failing to reach a settlement with vehicles’ owners affected by damaged fuel-95, two sources at MoCI told WAF today.

Earlier this month, public complaints were posted on social media platforms with regards to the quality of fuel-95 in  al-Batinah North and Buraimi. MoCI said in a statement on the 6th of September that is has directed fuel marketing companies to withdraw fuel-95 from stations located in these two governorates, and refill them with fresh quantities. (Read More: MoCI orders a “precautionary” withdrawal and refill of fuel-95 after quality complaints in two governorates)

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“The ministry investigated and conducted laboratory tests in coordination with the relevant companies. And found some sediments, in only one consignment of 95 fuel, which was transferred from Sohar (facility) to some fuel stations in the governorates of al-Batinah North and Buraimi, which resulted in these complaints”, MoCI  said today in a statement on its Twitter account. The ministry insured that as of today, cleaning these stations is completed, and they are back to operate normally.

The Ministry said it had dealt with these complaints through meetings with Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company (ORPIC) and the three companies impacted by the damaged consignments of the fuel: Oman Oil Marketing Company SAOG, Shell Oman Marketing SAOG, and Al Maha Petroleum Products Marketing Company SAOG.

“In view of the failure to reach a satisfactory solution with these companies, the Ministry by law referred them (the complaints) to the prosecution to take action on it”, MoCI statement said.

The two sources at MoCI confirmed that any new similar complaints will also be referred to the Public Prosecution.