MOCI in talks with MOG for more gas

10 Feb 2019

Muscat (WAF): The ministry of commerce and industry (MOCI) is in talks with the ministry of oil and gas to allocate more gas quantities for the manufacturing sector, Dr. Ali al-Sunaidi minister of MOCI said today.

Al-Sunaidi said that some of the industries that will require more gas to expand include steel industry and petrochemicals. “We are in discussions with MOG to allocate more gas for the basic industries”, al-Sunaidi told media on the sidelines of Oman’s Annual Industry Day celebrated on the 9th of February.

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He explained that Duqm –where the new petrochemicals and refinery are being built- expects a big growth in manufacturing once the refinery starts operating following the footsteps of the industrial boom in Suhar.

On the other hand, al-Sunaidi encouraged investments in renewable energy. “Factories have a very good chance to start put their money in solar power. Some are currently producing at a cost of 20 baisas per Kilowatts hour, which (represents) one third of the cost during (the peak hours) in summer” al-Sunaidi said.

In January 2017, Oman imposed the cost reflective tariff (CRT) system on large industrial, commercial, and government consumers with more than 140MW consumption.

In 2018, & 2019 CRT tariffs range from 12 baisas for the off-peak times to 67 baisas in day-peak hours during the period from May to July, for all consumers connected by the main interconnected system (MIS).  In Dhofar, CRT tariffs range from 12 to 48 basias.

source: AER Oman
source: AER Oman






According to the most recent data by the National Centre for Statistics & Information (NCSI), the manufacturing sector used 60.7% of the total 45,721 million of normal cubic meters (MNCM) Oman produced in 2018.