Oman Airports’ OPEX doubled in 2018


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11 Feb 2019

Muscat (WAF): The operations cost of Oman Airports Management Company (Oman Airports) increased by a 100% in 2018 compared to 2017, Aiman al-Hosni CEO of Oman Airports told WAF News.

Al-Hosni said that despite doubling the operational cost, the company was able to make profit. “Our net profit for 2018 represented 20% of the revenues”, al-Hosni said on the sidelines of Oman Ocean Economy conference in Muscat.

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In 2018, Oman Airports moved its operations to the new Muscat Airport building. As a result, the company’s opex increased notably.

Asked about the change in net profit for 2018, al-Hosni said that he was not at liberty to share exact numbers. But he said that the net profit for 2018 was 20% less than 2017.