Madayn signs a RO120mn EPCF contract with Sadeen


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16 April 2019

 Muscat (WAF) Shumookh investment & services Company, the investment arm of The Public Establishment for Industrial Estates “Madayn”, signed an agreement with Sadeen Group worth RO120 million.

The agreement includes the implementation of development projects in the industrial cities of Madayn. The announcement was made through Madayn’s twitter page.

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The partnership aims to “meet the requirements of the development and rehabilitation of industrial cities” which belongs to The Public Establishment for Industrial Estates in order to provide inclusive services to investors.

 According to the agreement, Sadeen Group will finance Madayn to implement several vital projects in Rusayl and Samail Industrial Cities, as well as the Knowledge Oasis in Muscat to provide comprehensive services based on Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Financing (EPCF) model. The project duration will be 3 years for a construction area of more than 164,000 Square meters in the targeted industrial cities and Knowledge Oasis.

The agreement was signed by Hilal Al Hassani, the chairman of Shumookh investment & services Company and Engineer Hani Salah, the Chairman of Sadeen Group.

By: Ahmed al-Ghadani