Security and Safety Supervisor is now mandatory in private schools


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5 May 2019

MUSCAT – Amendments in the ministerial decree issued by Minister of Education Dr. Madiha al-Shaibani stipulated that private schools should be provided with a security and safety supervisor as a condition for obtaining a license for schools with more than 100 students.

The decision to amend the regulation of private schools in the Sultanate also abolished the phrase that authorizes the ministry to impose any sanctions without warning, even in the case of “serious or irreparable violations”, which were contained in the text of Article 119 of the Regulation issued in 2017 .

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The amendments permit the inheritance of the private school license – if the license is valid after the death of the original licensee – after the cancellation of the clause stating that the license is terminated by law “in the event of the death of the licensee, while the license is valid, and his successor or someone else does not request to replace him within a period not exceeding (6) ) Six months from the date of death, or if the requested replacement did not meet the conditions prescribed under the provisions of these Regulations “