Update-Asyad looking to commercialise small and medium ports


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21  July 2019
Last updated at 15:17 from the tender document

MUSCAT – Oman International Logistics Group (Asyad Group) announced today an advisory tender to explore commercialising small and medium ports.

The state-owned group is inviting consultants to prepare an economic study to identify and prioritise small and medium ports “which potentially could be commercialised for 10 locations”, Oman’s official Tender Board website shows.

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“The consultant will assess and (prioritise) each port against criterion as it applies to each cargo sector to determine the optimum role and competitive value proposition for each port, highlighting the economic and social impact of the identified port”, the tender document on Asyad’s website stated.

The study will provide an analysis of domestic/ regional ports. And shall include the mechanisms for these ports to complement the operations of the major ports, serve the market demands through import and exports, identify the possibility of diversification in operations in tourism activities, provide integrated logistics solutions.

The consultant shall also identify a potential development and commercialisation of a small and medium ports, and the minimum infrastructure requirements for each of them. As well as studying the economic and social impact of the identified port on its surrounding area, appropriate role for each identified port, and different dynamics between the Omani ports “to further maximize overall benefits”.

The study will also specify competitive value proposition for each of the Omani ports within the selected preferred role/purpose, current and future markets demands, and potential alternatives for the identified port.

Asyad’s tender document has named the 10 ports of: Diba, Liwa, al-Khaboura, al-Musanaah, Sur, Mahout, Masirah, Ashuwamyiah, Sadah, and Mirbat to be included in the study.