Oman names its new Sultan by enforcing “the will”

لقطة للسلطان هيثم آل سعيد أثناء مراسم التنصيب

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January 11, 2020

MUSCAT (WAF): This morning Sultan Haitham bin Tariq al-Said was sworn in today as the new Sultan of Oman, an official statement by the Defence Council said.

In the official statement -broadcasted by Oman state TV- said that the Council of the Royal Family convened and decided to follow the late Sultan’s, Qaboos bin Said, will in a gesture of gratitude and appreciation to the lat Sultan. The will named Haitham as a successor to the thrown.

This morning the Council of Oman – the Omani parliament, includes the elected and appointed branches – held an extraordinary session today to perform the oath.

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