Oman Cement targets tire-derived fuel to reduce gas consumption


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9 Feb 2020

Muscat (W.A.F.)- Oman Environmental Service Holding Company S.A.O.C. (be’ah) announced the signing of an agreement to supply tire-derived fuel (TDF) with Oman Cement Company S.A.O.G.

Be’ ah said that under the agreement, 30 thousand tons of expired tires would be processed annually to generate TDF. The state-owned company added that the step will contribute to “providing economic opportunities and business for small and medium companies through the production and transportation of fuel from the designated facilities to the cement factory.”

Be’ah said that Oman Cement would use the TDF to reduce gas consumption, adding that “the agreed prices are competitive to the prices of natural gas currently used as a primary fuel.” The average price of gas for 2020 is $3.9 per million British thermal units.

With regards to the environmental impact, be’ah assured – on its Twitter account- that cement kilns will be provided with emission control devices in line with international standards.