Oman amends its National Anthem 

20 Feb 2020

MUSCAT (WAF)- Sultan Haitham Bin Tariq of Oman has issued a Royal Decree amending the Sultanate’s National Anthem (As-Salam as-Sultani), Oman News Agency (ONA) reported today.

The new Royal Decree is Sultan Haitham’s first after his enthronement on 11th January 2020.

The new anthem is slightly changed after removing the name of Oman’s late Sultan Qaboos and making it more generic. The Sultanate’s previous version included a line saying “Be happy! Qaboos has come”, which was removed from the amended anthem.

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Late Sultan Qaboos passed away on 10th January 2020, and on the 11th, his cousin Haitham Bin Tariq was enthroned as Oman’s new Sultan.