Sultan Haitham address the nation on employment, debt and revenues, and government restructure

photo credit: ONA
23 Feb 2020

MUSCAT (WAF)- In his first speech after the end of the days of national mourning, Sultan Haitham Bin Tariq listed the priorities on his agenda, including education, the government’s structure, employment, and the state budget.

In his speech, Sultan Haitham said that his government would pay attention “to education, research and innovation”. And will be at the top of our national priorities, and we will provide it with all the reasons for empowerment, as the basis through which our children will be able to contribute to building the requirements of the next phase”.

On government restructure and reviewing the performance of the state-owned entities, Oman’s Sultan intends to “take the necessary measures to restructure the administrative apparatus of the state, modernise the system of legislations, laws, … simplify procedures, governing the performance, (assure) integrity and accountability”, to ensure “full alignment and full coherence with (the) requirements of our vision and goals”.

The Sultan said that he would work to thoroughly review the work of government companies to develop their performance, to enable them in their role in the economy.

The new Sultan’s government will also adopt “work systems and policies that give the government the necessary flexibility and ability to achieve maximum utilisation of national resources, expertise and competencies”.

In his televised address to the nation, Sultan Haitham emphasised the importance of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), especially in areas of innovation.

He also addressed one of Oman’s primary concerns, employment. The Sultan promised to develop a “comprehensive national employment framework” while reviewing the current frameworks to allow a more significant number of Omanis to join the job market.

Addressing Oman’s national debt and the need to raise the national income, Sultan Haitham said: “will make sure to direct our financial resources to the optimal direction, in a way that guarantees reducing debt and increasing income.”


  1. I pray to Allah to grants our sultan good health and guide him the right path. May Allah give him strengths and confidence to develop Oman and achieve high standard of leaving and focus on education for our children. Pay more attention on SMEs.

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