Oman Customs offers remote clearance to curb Corona spread

24 March 2020

MUSCAT (WAF)- Owners of goods and customs clearance representatives are no longer required to be present for inspections at sea and airports, Oman’s General Directorate of Customs (DGC) said today.

Oman DGC said in an announcement that only the presence of “the truck driver at land customs outlets is required”.

Oman has introduced several measures to cope with the Coronavirus outbreak, and its impact on the economy, including a reduced stevedoring and cargo handling rates at Omani ports. A step was taken “to facilitate ease of movement for imported goods,” the state-owned logistics holding, Asyad Group, said.

Oman Aviation Group also reduced air cargo handling prices “for food and medicine to 15 baizas per kilo from 26 baizas per kilo.”