First Made-in-Oman buses before end of 2020

Photo source: MTA's Twitter account
24 April 2020

MUSCAT (WAF)- Magnificence Tech of Asia (MTA), located in Salalah Free Zone (SFZ), is commencing manufacturing buses before the end of 2020, Ali Tabouk CEO of SFZ company told Oman News Agency.

In his remarks to the official news agency, Tabouk said that the new bus manufacturing plant will produce 1000 units per year. And would be targeting the markets in the GCC, Africa and the Middle East.

MTA brings $50 million investments from the Islamic Republic of Iran to Oman’s southern governorate. The company is expected to benefit from the experience of Asia PishroDiesel in Iran, which is managed by the investors in MTA in Oman.

The plant will focus on manufacturing buses as well as body parts and molds. “The first batch of products will include City Bus, Coach Bus, Midi Bus, School Bus & Campers with European Standards and local requirements,” MTA’s website says.