Oman to ban entry of empty foreign land transport vehicles


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11 October 2020

MUSCAT (WAF): The Omani Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology (MTCIT) announced today that the number of permits issued to empty foreign land transport vehicles will gradually be reduced and will come to a complete ban as of October 2021.

The Ministry’s statement said that the move comes – after consulting with local sector operators – with the aim of “supporting the local transporters and boosting investment in the land transport sector in the Sultanate in accordance with Oman’s Vision 2040.”

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MTCIT stated that Oman will reduce the number of permits issued to the empty non-Omani-registered vehicles used for land transport gradually from 20 October 2020 and for one year. This year will be a grace period for the beneficiaries of the licenses to “correct their situation” by contracting local transporters/ carriers or “investing in the transport sector”.