Oman to have a “Crown Prince” for the first time


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    11 January 2021

    MUSCAT (WAF): Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, of Oman, issued today the country’s new Basic Law, which included, for the first time, a mechanism for selecting the Crown Prince for the Sultanate.

    The decree – coinciding with the first anniversary of Sultan Haitham bin Tariq’s assumption of the reins of the Sultanate- included setting up a “specific and stable mechanism” for the transfer of power and “setting up a mechanism for appointing the Crown Prince and clarifying his duties and authorities.” The Basic Law promulgated in 1996 stipulated a mechanism for the transfer of power via consultation among members of the royal family or referring to the message (the will) left by the Sultan to determine his successor. The previous Basic Law (which is equivalent to the Sultanate’s constitution) didn’t have any mechanism to appoint a Crown Prince for the country.

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    According to Oman state TV, the new Basic Law emphasises the “rule of law and the independence of the judiciary” as a basis for governance and the state’s role in ensuring freedoms and equality, and the compulsion of basic education.

    The new law reinforces steps for local administration and decentralisation of authorities. And sets up a committee, reporting to the Sultan, “to follow up and evaluate the performance of ministers, undersecretaries and those in their position.”