CAA: Visitors can no longer spend less than 8 days in Oman

20 January 2021

MUSCAT (WAF)- Due to concerns over the spread of the Coronavirus and the new strain, Oman mandates all visitors to stay at least eight days in the country as of today.

In a circular by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) -seen by WAF News- “there is no longer an option for passengers travelling to Oman to stay in the Sultanate for a period of less than 8 days.”


CAA has directed Airlines operating in Oman to confirm that all travel reservations to the country meet the minimum period required to complete “the mandatory quarantine period” and having a new PCR test on the 8th day.

Yesterday, Oman announced the extension of Visa-Free entry for the citizens of 103 countries to 14 days. The visa exemption was first announced in December for up to 10 days.