Minister of Labour: 40% of current job seekers to get job opportunities in 2021


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24 January 2021

MUSCAT (WAF)- The Ministry of Labour is working to secure job opportunities for 80% of the current local job seekers withing two years, Prof. Mahad Baawain the Minister of Labour said in an interview with Oman State TV.

In 2021, the Ministry targets finding jobs in public and private sectors for 40% of the currently active job seekers, and another 40% in 2022. “At least 70%” of these jobs will come from the private sector, the Omani official added.

According to Oman’s 2020 census, the number of active job seekers as of December was around 65,000.

In the interview tonight, Baawain stated that the measures and decisions are taken by the Ministry this month “will provide from 15 to 20 thousand jobs.”

During the current month, the Omani Minister of Labour issued several decisions banning expatriates from occupying the following jobs: fuel station manager, optics-related jobs, financial and administrative professions in insurance companies and companies operating in insurance brokerage activities, selling, accounting, money exchange, management and arranging goods in stores in malls.

The Ministry has also mandated labour-intensive companies to appoint an Omani HSE supervisor.

And the full Omanisation of accounts auditing professions in auto agencies, all occupations in the sale of new and used vehicles, all accounting professions related to selling new and used vehicles in agencies, and selling spare parts for new vehicles belonging to auto agencies.