Oman cuts permits fees for expats to encourage Omanisation

9 March 2021
Last updated at 20:16 by adding background information, from an OEA's report, on Omanisation

MUSCAT (WAF)- The Omani government approved an economic stimulus plan that includes measures to boost Omanisation and lure companies to employ locals.

According to the plan – approved today by Sultan Haitham bin Tariq- an amount of 20 million Omani Rials ($52 million) will be allocated in the current year’s budget to “train Omanis looking for work and qualify them for the labour market.”


The measures also included reducing the permits fees for hiring non-Omani for companies and institutions that have achieved reasonable Omanisation rates.

As part of the approved measures, companies meeting the Omanaisation ratio can enjoy a 50% reduction in these permits fees for non-Omanis in higher and intermediate occupations, technical and specialised professions, specialists in security and protection of information systems, specialists in geographic information systems, electronic computer networks, and commercial agents.

Companies employing Omanis, regardless of the rate, can get a reduction of 25% for the same list of occupations.

Last month, the Omani Economic Association (OEA), an independent civil society body, issued its state budget analysis. In the report, OEA stated that only 10% of the registered companies in Oman have at least one Omani employee, and 90% of the registered 190,000 companies don’t have any registered Omani employee.