Oman bans “Clubhouse”


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14 March 2021

MUSCAT (WAF): Omani Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) confirmed blocking the Drop-in audio chat “Clubhouse”.

TRA’s customer service confirmed to WAF News over the phone that the application is blocked due to a lack of proper authorisation from the Authority. Adding that similar communication applications must “obtain a permit from the Authority,” and the aforementioned application has been discontinued because it is not locally licensed yet.

It is noteworthy that the hashtag “Oman blocks Clubhouse” has been trending on Twitter in the country today. Most of the posts reflected dissatisfaction with the step and described it as inconsistent with the freedom of expression guaranteed by the Basic Law of the Sultanate of Oman.

The Sultanate of Oman prohibits the use of several encrypted VoIP applications without an official license.

In March 2020, and due to the Coronavirus impact, TRA allowed some of these applications, such as Skype, Google Meet, and Zoom, to facilitate work continuity in the government and private sectors and serve the education sector with distance learning.


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