CAA’s surplus drops by 88% in 2020


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4 May 2021

MUSCAT (WAF): The revenues of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in the Sultanate of Oman dropped from 109.7 million Omani Rials in 2019 to 38.8 million Omani Rials in 2020.

All the revenue streams witnessed a decline in varying rates of up to 100%. Except for fines and penalties, revenues increased from about 900 thousand Omani Rials in 2019 to 30 million Omani Rials in 2020.

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The most significant declines in terms of value were in airport facilities franchising revenues by 86% from 28.5 million Omani Rials to 4 million Omani Rials, air navigation revenues fell by 54%, from about 63.5 million Omani Rials to 29 million Omani Rials,

The other airports’ revenues fell by 75% from 14 million Omani Rials to 3.6 million Omani Rials and the revenues of meteorological services contracted by 47% from 3 million Omani Rials to 1.6 million Omani Rials.

CAA’s total expenditures increased slightly by 1.3% to reach 28.6 million Omani Rials, driven by an increase in the size of the service requirements by 58% “to cover the cost of the necessary operational contracts for the Air Navigation and Meteorological Departments,” as stated in the Authority’s annual report issued today.

Due to the severity of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the aviation sector, the surplus of the Authority contracted in 2020 to 10 million Omani Rials, compared to a surplus of 81 million Omani Rials in 2019, i.e. a contraction equivalent to 88%